220 CPS Sets America’s Residential Record With $238 Million Sale

If you’re wondering who would pay $238 million for a pied-à-terre, the answer is billionaire hedge funder Ken Griffin. The 23,000 square foot penthouse stretches from the 50th through 53rd floors of the yet-to-be completed 220 Central Park South. And that’s just a small addition to his collection of record-setting real estate buys over the past several years. Just have a look:

Just two days before his record-setting purchase in Robert A.M. Stern’s 220 Central Park South, Griffin’s purchase of a London mansion for $122 million hit the news. This was London’s largest residential sale in over a decade.

In early 2018, Griffin bought a multi-floor condo in Chicago for $58.75, setting the city record.

In 2015 he bought a penthouse in Miami Beach’s Faena House for $60 million, setting that city’s record.

And over the past six years he has spent more than $250 million piecing together land to build his Palm Beach mansion.

Many predict that Griffin’s lead will be a shot in the arm to the Manhattan luxury real estate market. Others just see it as a one-off. But for a man who pulled in $1.7 billion in 2017 alone, what’s $700-odd million in real estate investments?

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