A Benefit We Can Get Behind: The 5 Boro Pizza Challenge!

You paid your dues counting calories and hitting the gym so you could rock the Hamptons this summer. Now it’s time to reward yourself with roomy sweaters and comfort food. Mark your calendars: September 28th is the fourth annual 5 Boro Pizza Challenge. Proceeds for this no-car event go to Transportation Alternatives, a non-profit that works to change New York City’s transportation priorities to encourage non-polluting, quiet, city-friendly travel and decrease automobile use. Here are the rules:

  1. You must travel from borough to borough via public transportation, bike, or foot
  2. Arrive at the Red Cube at 140 Broadway, Manhattan before 11am on 9/28 to claim your t-shirt and gather intel
  3. At 11am on the dot, the five participating pizzerias, as well as the finish line location, will be announced
  4. Map out your route to each borough
  5. Eat an entire slice at all five and post photos to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, #5boropizzachallenge
  6. Race to the finish line!

Come on, channel your internal Joey Chestnut, only with PIZZA!

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