Brooklyn’s Quietest Neighborhoods

Love the City, hate the noise? Back in the day, anybody would have told you to move to Brooklyn, but the hipsters have turned up the volume in once-quiet neighborhoods like Williamsburg and Bushwick. Fear not, there are still places to find peace, and fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to pay a premium for a quiet community.

RentHop, an apartment listing and analytics site, pulled together data from noise complaints to rank the quietest neighborhoods. Here’s the top 10 list:

  1. Borough Park Also rated as one of Brooklyn’s safest neighborhoods, Borough Park, just east of Sunset Park, has 106,000 residents, but apparently they’re very quiet. Median rent for a 1 BR: $1,650/month. Median price for a 2 BR: $698,000.
  2. Brooklyn Heights You will pay a premium to live in this quiet neighborhood, with the median rent of a 1 BR at $3,300 and the median price for a 1 BR at $792,000.
  3. Windsor Terrace Cheaper than neighboring Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, just south of Prospect Park, has a median 1BR rent of $2,290 and a median 1BR sales price of $649,000.
  4. Midwood Further east than borough park but not quite so far out as Sheepshead Bay, Midwood offers quiet at the median price of $1,750 to rent a 1BR and $304,000 to buy one.
  5. Homecrest Sometimes considered part of Sheepshead Bay, the median price of a 1BR in Homecrest is $1,695 and the median sales price for a 1BR is $254,500.
  6. Bensonhurst The largest neighborhood by size in all of Brooklyn, a Bensonhurst 1BR goes for $1,525 a month and sells for $402,000.
  7. Sunset Park Perhaps not long for this list due to the influx of residents, a 1 BR apartment in Sunset Park carries a median rent of $1,700 a month and a median sales price of $434,500.
  8. Park Slope One of Brooklyn’s most affluent neighborhoods, it’s not surprise that Park Slope is quiet. Because, you know, the affluent whisper. A 1 BR rents for $2,600 a month and sells for $676,500.
  9. Carroll Gardens and its slightly less expensive neighbor Red Hook is popular among artists and other creatives. Expect a median rent around $2,650/month for a 1 BR and a sales price aroujnd $756,600.
  10. Sheepshead Bay ranked one of the best neighborhoods for first-time buyers in 2019 according to Brick Underground, with the price tag for a 1 BR at $279,450 and rent around $1,700/month.

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