Farmhouse Interiors 101

You can’t really go wrong taking a tip from real estate mogul Taylor Swift, who’s known not only for her impressive seven-property, $81 million portfolio, but for her impeccable taste. From her Rhode Island beach house to her Tribeca enclave, she’s known for her sophisticated farmhouse interiors. Here are seven tips on how you can create the same.

1. Keep it Chill. A relaxed vibe is key to the farmhouse feel. After all that farm work, who wouldn’t need to relax? Think utilitarian yet cozy, durable yet stylish. And avoid matchy-matchy at all costs. Design by Corine M.

2. Embellish Your Canvas. You don’t have to start with a log home or knobby wood paneling to achieve the farmhouse look. You can have a white slate and embellish it with accessories, like a distressed butcher block or wood shelves.

3. It’s Not Just About the Wood. Metals play a key role in a farmhouse feel. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and finishes, from bronze to black, hammered to sleek. Then throw in some galvanized steel. Design by Kimber P.

4. Think Switzerland. A neutral palette is at the core of farmhouse decor. (See what we did there?) It’s also the basis for future flexibility. When you’re ready for a refresh, just change out your accent colors. Design by Kimber P. 

5. Texturize. Distressed would be the obvious trait that comes to mind when you think farmhouse, but take it a step further to faux fur throws, knit blankets, wicker baskets, and a fiber rug that really ties the room together. Design by Sara S.

6. Go Green. Plants bring life to a space, and a welcome pop to that neutral palette. But don’t stop at potted plants. Add loose branches like eucalyptus and pussy willows.

7. Repurpose. Flea markets are excellent venues to peruse for farmhouse favorites–and you can get one-of-a-kind pieces that have centuries worth of stories for a steal.


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