Fashion Week 2019 is On

If you have never attended one of the Big 4, this may be the year to do it. New York Fashion Week begins tomorrow, with various previews and events happening today to kick it off. Twice a year, designers in New York, Paris, London, and Milan unveil their latest couture with much pomp and circumstance.

Originally called “Press Week,” the first organized fashion week in New York City took place in 1943, during World War II when industry leaders were not able to travel to Paris to review new designs. This triggered an annual event, and shifted the focus of market-impacting fashion magazines like Vogue to feature more American fashion designers. In 1993, the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) consolidated the shows under tents in Bryant Park. Needless to say, it has since spread city wide.

If you think fashion week is only for those who know people, though, you’d be wrong. However, witnessing a runway show comes at a price. You can choose your runway experience, ranging from the $599 Industria Runway Experience to the $899 Spring Runway Experience to the $1999 All-Access Experience. Featured shows vary by day, so browse the NYFW Experience website to pick the date when you can relive SATC on the runway sidelines of your favorite designer.

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