Harmonize Your Home for the New Year

Living in New York City can present a daily challenge to your balance. Why not start the new year fresh by harmonizing your home with some feng shui decorating tips? Bring the desired energy into every room of your home by following these seven steps.

  1. Clear the Clutter. This will clear the old energy and make room for a new, positive energy to welcome in the new year.
  2. Good Quality and Light are foundational to feng shui decorating, so pull down those blackout curtains and open up some windows! If you feel like you lack natural light and don’t have the best air quality, consider plants and even an air purifier.

3. Now it’s time to draw your energy map, or bagua. This grid will help you know how to arrange your home. For example, your office should be positioned in the south east side of your space, as that is where the money energy flows.

4. Use Color. Vibrant colors play a big part in moving energy. You’ll want to coordinate the colors with their feng shui elements, for example fire for passion and high energy, or earth for stability.

5. Decorate with Intention. Plants, fountains, and candles all serve purposes in dictating your home’s energy.

6. Place Your Feng Shui “Cures” According to Your Map. For example, a fountain, which represents the water element, would be best placed in your career, health, or money directions.

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