Get Ready to Vote Tomorrow

Since the state of New York does not allow early voting, tomorrow is going to be a busy day. Be prepared for Election Day by planning your vote in advance. If you are a registered voter in New York State, you can look up where to vote on the NY state website or at You will need to know the address where you are registered to vote. You can learn more about the candidates and ballot proposals from the New York City Campaign Finance Board voter guide or Although traffic can vary between polling places, most people vote before work, on their lunch break, or after work, so planning a break mid-morning or mid-afternoon should accelerate the process. In the State of New York, employers are required to give employees two hours’ paid time off to vote, provided they do not have four hours before or after work to vote. In New York City, polls open at 6am and close at 9pm.

To expedite the voting process and ensure you actually make it to the polls:

  1. Figure out where your polling place is TODAY.
  2. Sort out who and what you’re voting for (or against) TODAY.
  3. Carve out time in your schedule and make sure all affected parties are aware you will be unavailable for a couple-hour window tomorrow.

Rock the Vote!

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