Is the U.S. Buying Greenland?

President Donald Trump confirmed reports that his administration has discussed buying Greenland, essentially 836,000 square miles of icecap surrounded by a barren, rocky coast. Apart from the minor detail that it’s not for sale, clarified by Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen as well as the government of Greenland, why?

  1. It’s strategically positioned between the U.S. and Russia.
  2. It’s a quarter the size of the U.S. and would therefore expand the U.S. footprint tremendously–moreso than any other purchase under any other president, followed closely by the 1803 Louisiana Purchase which gained the U.S. 827,000 square miles.
  3. It is rich in rare industrial metals, an industry that is currently cornered by China.

This interest in the peculiar piece of land also isn’t new. There have been conversations about leasing parts of Greenland for decades. Just not buying the whole thing.

According to Trump, everything has a price, and considering the $700 million Denmark pays annually in subsidizing Greenland, he thinks the sale could be negotiable.

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