Lux on a Budget: 7 Design Tips

Designers abound in New York City, and they can truly transform a property, upping not only comfort and appeal but property value. Yet you don’t have to break the bank to make your apartment look lux. Here are seven tips to stylish decorating on a budget.

1. Buy less. When is the last time you flipped through an Architectural Digest that featured a cluttered home? Choose quality over quantity. Pass up the cute dustables you find while you’re out shopping and save your pennies for statement pieces. For things that pile up, like mail or magazines, put them in a drawer or a nice magazine stand until you can get to them. Design by Decorilla designer Corine M.

2. Scatter with Style. Boring, solid-colored throw pillows don’t do much for a space, inside or out, and again, you’re not likely to see too many in design magazines. Look for pattern and texture in your room’s accent colors, but don’t get too matchy-matchy. Design by Decorilla designer Stella P.

3. Sweat the Small Stuff. Fixtures like lighting, switch and outlet covers, and drawer and cabinet pulls can really make a difference. Design by Decorilla designer Joao A.

4. Lighten Up. New York apartments often struggle with darkness. Mirrors are a great way to lighten up your space. They bounce light while making the room look larger. Design by Decorilla designer Lauren A.

5. Play Dress-Up. With your windows, that is. Full-length, floor-to-ceiling curtains and swags look luxurious. Neutral colors will keep the space light and bright. Design by Decorilla designer Roberto D.

6. Color Inside the Lines. Fresh paint goes a long way, but not when it’s sloppy. When you’re using dark paint, or using light paint to cover dark paint, you’ll need several coats to make sure the color is solid and brush strokes don’t show. Tape off edges so they don’t bleed. Design by Decorilla designer Corine M. 

7. Floor It. Plush area rugs really spruce a space up, but there are some design rules: an area rug underneath a table should be 36″ wider than the table; a living room rug should be big enough that the front legs of the furniture stand on it; and room-sized rugs should be between 12″ and 24″ from the wall on all sides. Design by Decorilla designer Angela S.

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