Manhattan Ranks as Most Expensive Rent in the US

The 2019 Mid-Year Rent Report revealed that Manhattan has the highest average rent of anyplace in the US, at $4,190/month. That’s $2,725 more than the national average of $1,465. While Manhattan’s average rent was the only large city to actually have dropped since the beginning of the year, it’s still nearly $500 higher than second-runner-up San Francisco, where the average rent is $3,697. Boston comes in third at $3,509, and then back to NYC, where Brooklyn rents are the fourth highest in the nation, averaging $2,881.

In contrast, the lowest average rent in the nation can be found in Oklahoma City at $769, with El Paso, Texas coming in a close second at $779. Other cities that rank as the most affordable include Memphis, Tennessee with an average rent of $803, Indianapolis, Indiana at $877 and Columbus, Ohio at $940.

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