Neil Simon’s Three Ritz Tower Apartments for Sale

The fourth wife of late playwright Neil Simon, perhaps best known for The Odd Couple, has put their three Ritz Tower apartments on the market. Yes, three. One was their primary residence since the 1980s, another was used as a guest apartment, and the third served as Simon’s office where he wrote his plays. Let’s take a tour:

465 Park Avenue apartment 14B is the three bedroom, two bath co-op where Neil Simon and his wife, Elaine, lived. Asking price: $2.6 million.

Apartment 14D is the two-bedroom apartment the Simons purchased for guests. Asking price: $1.5 million

On the 31st floor with sweeping views is the two-bedroom apartment that Simon used as an office. Asking price: $2.8 million.

Photos courtesy of Stribling & Associates

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