Peak Traffic Times this Memorial Day Weekend

If you’re headed out of town for Memorial Day weekend, you’re not alone. AAA is predicting the most holiday road trippers on record, and traffic is expected to start getting heavy today. Unlike years past, when Friday was the day to avoid at all costs, the heaviest traffic day in the New York metro area is supposed to be Thursday, with traffic at double the normal level from 4:45-6:45pm. Check out the report on major U.S. cities from INRIX, a global transportation analytics company:

Did you opt to fly instead of fighting traffic? You might not be much better off. 4.8% more people will be flying this year–that’s 25 million people clogging the airports. We have not seen that kind of air travel level in 14 years. In anticipation, the MTA is offering free service to La Guardia on the Q70 bus through Friday evening.

Staying home and avoiding it all? That won’t save you either. INRIX says that New York is the second most popular destination for Memorial Day weekend this year. Still, if you figure all the tourists will just fill the spots of the New Yorkers bailing out of the City for the holiday, it may be a wash. May we recommend these fabulous Memorial Day goings-on City-wide >>

Photo: Max Touhey

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