Pop-Up Star Wars Bar Offers “Galaxy-Inspired” Menu

If you’re looking for an intergalactic experience and don’t really feel like waiting until Elon Musk’s Mars trips commence, take a jaunt over to 201 Lafayette Street, where you’ll find a new Star Wars-themed pop-up bar called The DarkSide. Your $33 ticket ($40 at the door) gets you two out of their six choices of cocktails from “different parts of the galaxy” and access to a “galaxy-inspired menu” with appetizers like tentacles on a stick, reminiscent of Chalmun’s Cantina itself. Sister Trekkie pop-ups can be found in other galaxies, like D.C. and L.A.

The Darkside Bar joins other themed bars in the City, like the GB85 80s bar at 174 Rivington, previously a Will Ferrell-themed bar, the kitschy Trailer Park Lounge, Williamsburg’s Barcade and, of course, the East Village’s Blind Barber, where daytime cuts seamlessly morph into nighttime cocktails.

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