Proposed Towers Will Block Sunlight to 20% of Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Brooklyn Botanic Garden has launched a Fight for Sunlight campaign, protesting two 39-story towers that have been proposed at 960 Franklin Ave. Situated just 150 feet from the garden, the towers threaten to block hours of sunlight to 23 conservatories, greenhouses, and nurseries. While current zoning caps building height at 75 feet–a law put in place in 1991 specifically to protect BBG’s gardens, the new towers are slated to rise to 460 feet.

A Fight for Sunlight Exhibit, which opened July 30 at Steinhardt Conservatory, showcases the catastrophic effects the towers would have on BBG’s rare and endangered plant species, over 18,500 plants, and cultivation spaces for the 52-acre garden. Shadow analysis videos educate attendees on the detrimental impact the towers would have.

Visit the exhibit daily from 10am-5:30pm (admission is free Fridays til noon). Garden advocates may sign a petition to block approval for the rezoning at

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