Renovation Reality: How Crumbling Brick Became A Family’s Dream Home

When it comes to renovations, there are often more steps between the dream and the reality than homeowners would like to think. Such was the case when Josh Lapidus and Tara Consi purchased a three-story brick townhouse in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn.

While the couple knew their plans to add a fourth floor would require significant labor, it wasn’t until an engineer delivered a stomach-turning report that they realized how intensive the process would be.

We basically found out that the house was falling down,” said Mr. Lapidus, 44.

A renovation budget that had begun at $900,000 quickly swelled to nearly $1.3 million, and the timeline grew to over two years. Given the required investment, the Lapidus and Consi were intent on building the home of their dreams.

Despite the prolonged timeline and inflated budget, through a collaboration with Brendan Coburn of CWB Architects, and interior designer Katherine Hammond, the family was able to ultimately achieve the home of their dreams.

“We have a brand-new, gorgeous house now,” Ms. Consi said. “Even though it was quite an experience going through this whole project, it turned out to be my dream house.”

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