Spring 2019 Decorating Trends: What’s In, What’s Out

Spring symbolizes rebirth and renewal, and so should your 2019 decor. Out with the old and in with the new! Here are some designs that you’ll see trending–and others that are circling the drain.

In: Sustainability. Less is more. Photo: Marco Ricca  Out: Eclectic Clutter. Too much going on. Photo: Eric Piasecki

In: Biophilia. Humanity meets nature. Photo: Martin Westlake. Out: Gendered Rooms. Photo: Anete Lusina

In: Feminine Tones. Blush. Dusty Pink. Bronze. Photo: Andrew Beasley. Out: Statement Upholstery. Photo: Eric Piasecki.

In: Rich Jewel Tones. Go bold. Photo: Grey Crawford. Out: Cool Grays. Go stark white or warmer neutral.

In: Four-Poster Beds. Convey comfort and safety. Photo: Laure Joliet Out: Fiber Art. Designer Amy Sklar says “We are veering dangerously close to macrame owl overload.”

In: Black Bathrooms. Spa-inspired. Photo: Julia Robbs. Out: Accent Walls. Just paint them all. Photo: Rayon Richards Photography

In: Light Wood Floors. Reflect more light. Photo: David A. Land Photography. Out: Cherry Cabinets. Go with painted blues, grays, and black. Photo: Christopher Stark Photography

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