Year of the Dog: How Fido Can Help Predict NYC’s Real Estate Trends

From Pit bulls to Poodles, NYC’s dog population is vast and varied, just like its people. But when it comes to real estate, there may be more to these pups than meets the eye—to understand this city’s real estate trends, one must simply follow Fido.

The New York Times analyzed the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s dog license registrations from 2012-2016, gleaning interesting insight into the way dogs can be the key to understanding gentrification, and even predicting it.

When designer doggies arrive in a particular neighborhood, rising rents may be soon to follow. The local dogs become neighborhood identifiers—if you’re tracking one poodle per block, chances are you’re in the Upper East Side, although the breed has seen a major migration to further downtown areas like Chelsea and the West Village, just as the West Village surpassed the Upper East Side in real estate sales prices.

Shifts in NYC’s doggy distribution may pave the way for major shifts in the market. It is a Year of the Dog, after all!

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