Your Guide to NYC Grocery Delivery

For those of you still recovering from the shock of Trader Joe’s discontinuing its grocery delivery, breathe. You will not—we repeat, NOT–be required to go to a brick-and-mortar grocery store, play bumper carts, and wait in interminable lines in order to feed yourself. Here are 10 grocery delivery options available to New Yorkers.

1. Instacart. Get groceries in under an hour from Aldi, Fairway, Food Universe Marketplace, Westside Market, The Food Emporium, Zabar’s, Key Food, Best Market, Foodtown, Whole Foods, BJ’s, and even Costco. Delivery charges range from $6 to $14, or you can enroll today to experience an Instacart Express membership for 14 days. You’ll get free delivery on orders over $35 for a yearly fee of $99.

2. Max Delivery. If you’re below 92nd Street on the East Side or below 114th on the other side, you can get fresh food, wine, and spirits from specialty establishments like Murray’s, Cheese Shop, Dylan’s Candy Bar, Fika, The Pickle Guys, and Balthazar Bakery. The delivery fee is $6 for orders under $125. For a penny you can try the MaxPremium plan, which gives you free delivery for three months.

3. Amazon Prime & AmazonFresh. Sure, Amazon has its own pantry, but you can also get stuff from Whole Foods, Westside Market, or Gourmet Garage with your Prime membership. We’re not telling you how much that is. You should already know.

4. Peapod. Delivery fees range from $7 to $10 and if you spend $2000 in six months you’ll become a VIPea!

5. FreshDirect. You can order just about anything, but they won’t deliver above the fifth floor in a walk-up. Delivery fees are $5.99 with a $30 minimum, or you can get a DeliveryPass membership for between $7-13 a month.

6. FoodKick. A subsidiary of FreshDirect, these guys deliver things like croissants from Mille-Feuille and doughnuts from Doughnut Plant to Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Delivery fees for $30 minimum orders are $5, or you can get it in less than an hour for just a buck more.

7. Rustic Roots. Get hand-picked, sustainably grown groceries. You’ll have to pay a one-time cooler fee, but in addition to Manhattan, Rustic Roots services Queens, the Bronx, Long Island, and New Jersey.

8. Boxed. If you’re one of those rare New Yorkers with storage space, Boxed is like a warehouse club for delivery. This is the place to go if you like to buy in bulk, not if you want your stuff now. Delivery is usually one to three days. Try it out. The first order offers free delivery.

9. Jet. In addition to NYC food brands, Jet delivers household staples, clothes, beauty products, and even electronics. Free same or next-day delivery on orders over $35.

10. Google Express. If Amazon’s in the market, Google is bound to follow (or vice versa). Shop from Target, Fairway, and Costco with a $5 delivery charge or free delivery if you order more than the store’s minimum.

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